Streetscape Pro Help

Unit System

Streetscape Pro allows you to create customized unit systems for each project.

Unit Systems

You can access these by selecting 'Settings' from the ribbon toolbar. Streetscape Pro includes a small number of default unit systems, based on commonly used units. For example, the 'Euro' Unit System will use metric units and Euros as the currency. The default unit systems cannot be edited.

Creating a Custom Unit System

Select 'New Unit System'. A new set of units will be created, which will start with the same values as the previously-selected unit system. You can enter a name for it by typing next to 'Name' - for example 'My Unit System' in the example below.

Modifying a Custom Unit System

You can modify the custom unit system by choosing units from the drop-down menus for each of the following.

  1. Length - this changes the units used for the width of Streetscape Elements, total Street Length and Street Width (as displayed in the Street Analysis panel at the bottom).
  2. Inverse Length - this changes the units for items measured per unit length eg. car parking spaces or entrances per length of road.
  3. Area - this changes the units for measurement of areas eg. area of pavements
  4. Currency - this changes the display currency. The values are not changed according to any exchange rates - this only changes the display. If the units are changed from £ to $, then a cost of £1000 will just be displayed as $1000, and the amount will not be changed.
  5. Cost Per Length - this changes the measurement unit used if a cost per length is entered.
  6. Cost Per Area - this changes the measurement unit used if a cost per area is entered.

You can delete a unit system by selecting it and pressing 'Delete Unit System'.

What effect does this have on my street design?

Changing the unit system does not change the street design at all - all dimensions are stored internally in SI units. It only changes the units that are displayed.

If your street includes a pavement which is 3m wide, and you change the Length units to 'feet', then the pavement would remain the same width, but it would be displayed as 9.8ft.