Streetscape Pro Help


You can print out single-page scaled print-outs of your street design, by selecting 'Print' from the ribbon toolbar. Before doing this, we recommend you select 'Page Setup' from the drop-down menu below the Print button.

Page Setup

The Page Setup dialog allows you to set the parameters for printing.


You can select 'Fit to Page', in which case the image in the display window of Streetscape Pro will be scaled to fit within the margins of the selected printer page size. Alternatively, you can enter a fixed scale (eg. 1:200), and the display will be printed out to that scale. If the display is coloured green, then the display will fit on the page at that scale. If the preview displays in red, then the image is too large to fit on the page at the chosen scale, and the image will be cropped to fit. We recommend you select 'Print Preview' to see how much will be cropped.


You can change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape. You will see a preview of the selected orientation to the left.

Text Output

If the check box 'Add Data' is ticked, then the contents of the Output Panel will be displayed at the bottom of the printed page.


Here, you can choose which printer to use, and by clicking 'Paper and Margins' you can choose from your own printer's settings.

Print preview

The Print Preview window displays what will be printed out using the current Page Setup settings. The image can be zoomed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon menu at the top.


You can get here directly by selecting 'Print' from the ribbon toolbar, or by clicking the print button in Page Setup or Print Preview. Access your printer's own settings by clicking properties.