Streetscape Pro Help


Streetscape has built-in default Settings. For example, when a new pavement is created, it is automatically set to 2.5m wide.

File Defaults

You can access the Default Settings by selecting 'Preferences' from the Edit menu. When the Preferences window appears, click on 'Defaults' in the menu on the left.

You can change the file defaults by making adjustments here and clicking 'OK'.

The Default Settings apply only to the file which you are working on. If you want to change the Program Defaults then click the 'Save' button. If you want to apply the saved Program Defaults to the file that you are working on, click "Retrieve". The original defaults can be restored at any time by selecting Reset.

Program Defaults

These are Default Settings which are applied to all new Streetscape Pro files. If you open a file which has its own Default Settings, you can apply the Program Defaults to it by clicking 'Retrieve' in the Default Settings dialog box.

Applying Defaults in the Streetscape Elements List

If you want to apply the default settings to a particular Element, such as a vehicle lane, then the simplest way to do this is to delete it and create a new one. All new Elements created will have the Default Settings. In the Streetscape Element List, you can also individually set the Cost or the Appearance settings back to Default by selecting 'Default' in the drop-down menu as shown below.