Streetscape Pro Help

Creating, Opening and Saving Files

Starting a New File

Create a new street design file by selecting 'New' in the ribbon toolbar, or typing Ctrl-N.

When you first open Streetscape Pro, a sample street is open. In the Advanced Settings you can set it so that new files are blank when created.)

Opening Files

To open an existing Streetscape Pro (.ssp) file:

  1. Click on the 'Open' button on the ribbon toolbar.
  2. Type Ctrl-O
  3. Drag and drop the ssp file icon into the Streetscape Pro window.

Opening Sample Files

Streetscape Pro has sample files which can be used as a starting point for your own street designs.

To open a sample file, select the drop down menu under the 'Open' button on the ribbon toolbar and select 'Open Sample...' The sample files are saved in a folder called 'Samples' in the application directory, and you can add your own sample files if required.

PLEASE NOTE: If you modify a sample file, then choose 'Save As...' from the File Menu if you want to keep the revised street design. If you click 'Save', it will overwrite the sample file temporarily, but the sample file will revert to its original settings when Streetscape Pro is next opened.

Importing Street types from CityCAD files

You can import street types from CityCAD into Streetscape Pro for review or editing. You can also import Streetscape Pro files into CityCAD for use in 3D city models.