Streetscape Pro Help

Importing Streets from CityCAD

Importing Streets from a .URB (CityCAD) File

To import a street from a CityCAD file, choose 'Open...' from the ribbon toolbar. As well as being able to open .SSP files, you can also select CityCAD (.URB) files.

A list of all the streets in the CityCAD model is displayed. Two CityCAD streets might have the same name, so in addition the width, length, type, CityCAD group and CityCAD phase are displayed to help you select the correct street to import.

In addition, there are three options at the bottom:

  1. Import Plan View Shading/Texture options - this will import the appearance settings from the CityCAD model (which are likely to be textured). If you de-select this, then the streets will be imported without any texture.
  2. Import CityCAD Sun & Shadow settings - this will import the sun position from the CityCAD model. NB. This is only the sun position - please note that the orientation and length of the road will always be imported, even if this box is not checked.
  3. Import Streetscape Element Default Values - this will import the default settings for new pavements, vehicle lanes and other Streetscape Elements. This applies to when you create new Streetscape Elements after importing the street. If the box is checked, then new elements will used the defaults from the CityCAD file. If not, then it will continue to use the defaults in your copy of Streetscape Pro

Once you have chosen your street and selected the check boxes you want, click 'OK' to import the street and it will load in Streetscape Pro.

Alternatively click 'Cancel' to cancel the import and return to your previous street design.