Streetscape Pro Help

Exporting Images

Quick Copy to Clipboard

Right click on the Display Window and select 'Copy'. The visible image will be copied into the clipboard at screen resolution. This can be used for quick copying, for example into Powerpoint presentations or documents where lower image resolution is acceptable.

Alternatively, you can click the 'Copy Image' button on the ribbon toolbar.

Export Image

Select 'Export Image" on the ribbon toolbar. The Export Image dialog will appear.

You can use this to specify the size of the image to be exported in inches, cm or pixels. This image can then be exported in two ways:

  1. You can click 'Copy to Clipboard' and then paste the image into another application. If you click this, the dialog will remain open, in case you want to export it as a file as well. If you only wanted to copy the image to the clipboard, then click 'Close' to close the window.
  2. Alternatively, you can click 'Export to File...', which will bring up the save dialog box. You can the save the image in bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff or png format.

Nb. This will export the image exactly as it appears in the Display Window. For example, if you only want to export the cross section as an image, then you need to turn off the other parts of the display (by right-clicking on the display window and making selections).