Streetscape Pro Help

Street Enclosure

The second group in the input panel is the Street Enclosure group. Here, you can edit the characteristics of the buildings on either side of the street.

Left and Right Side

Click on the tabs at the top of the group to edit the buildings on the left and right side of the road, as displayed in the main display window. The orientation of the buildings is described in brackets. For example, if the buildings on the left are on the south-west side of the road, then the tab will display 'Left Side (SW)'

Building Setback

You can create a setback from the road by entering a measurement here. The main display window will be updated automatically.

Building Height and Depth

You can adjust the building height and depth by typing in measurements here. The main display window will be updated automatically. Please note that if the building height is high, then the top of the building may be cut off. If this happens, then increase the building depth until the top of the building becomes visible again.


You can enter the number of entrances along each side of the street. These do not appear in the Display Window, and are only used for calculations in the Street Analysis panel. You can enter a total for the length of the street by choosing 'Total' from the drop down menu, or you can enter a density by choosing '/m' in the menu. You can then enter a density, for example 0.2 entrances/m if there is an entrance every 5m along the street.

Colour and Shading

The two drop down menus allow a colour and shading to be selected to be displayed in the main window. The road surface textures are also available in the shading menu, but please note that the colour will not be displayed if you choose a texture.

Mirror Button

This can be used to copy the settings to the other side of the road.