Streetscape Pro Help

Quick Start - Basics

We hope you find Streetscape Pro quick and simple to use. The following steps will explain some of the main features.

Create a File

When you first open Streetscape Pro, a sample street is open. (nb. in the Advanced Settings you can set it so that new files are blank when created.)

Each Streetscape Pro file is made up of Streetscape Elements such as vehicle lanes, pavements or reservations. These are listed in the 'Streetscape Elements' list in the input panel on the left side. Elements can be created, edited and deleted using the buttons at the top of this list. The order that they appear in the street (from left to right) can also be changed.

The default startup street consists of four Streetscape Elements - a pavement, two vehicle lanes and a second pavement. These are listed in the input panel on the left.

Modify the Street

If you click in this grid, you can change the width of a vehicle lane - for example, change the vehicle lane from 3m to 4m.

Press enter, and you will see the display on the right updated immediately.

Add a Streetscape Element

Click on the first vehicle lane in the list. Then click on the small arrow next to the plus sign above, and choose 'Add Reservation'. You will see a reservation inserted into the centre of the road.

Add some trees

First, adjust the width of the Reservation to about 2m to allow plenty of room for the trees (as per step 2, click in the width and type in '2' to widen the element.) Then, in the Streetscape Elements list, click on the small plus sign next to the 'Reservation' item to display the detailed input options.

In the 'Trees' row, click on the word 'Disabled' to bring up the menu, and select 'Enabled'. You should see trees appear in the main display window. If you click on the small plus sign next to 'trees', you will see the detailed options for changing the size and colour of the trees.

This 'Quick Start' Introduction was designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of Streetscape Pro. Learn more at Advanced Quick Start.

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