Streetscape Pro Help


Streetscape Pro is a quick and easy tool for creating scale plans and cross-sections of different street designs. Configure your design with the input panel on the left, and then see what the street looks like in the drawing in the centre.

If you make any changes to the data, such as widths, on the left, then the display is instantaneously updated on the right. To get started quickly, try the Quick Start guide.

The four main parts to Streetscape Pro are:

  1. The Input Panel, which includes General Input, Street Enclosure, Streetscape Elements and Notes input. These three groups can be collapsed by clicking the arrow at the top right of each one. You may want to do this to create more room for the Streetscape Elements group)
  2. The Display Window, which displays scaled 2D drawings of your street design.
  3. The Street Analysis Panel which shows information about your street design.
  4. The Urban Design Database Panel where you can search for real-world streets which are the same width as your current design.