Streetscape Pro is a simple, easy-to-use Windows desktop app for creating small sections and plan diagrams of street designs.

Free licence for commercial, academic and other non-commercial use.

Quick to download and install

No activation key or sign-up required

Easy to learn

Create your first street design in seconds



Create your street design with any number of ‘streetscape elements’ – pavements, vehicle lanes, shared surfaces, bus lanes, cycle lanes etc) and arrange them in any order from left to right.

Adjust the height of buildings on either side, add trees and explore how much of the street will be shaded at different times of the year.


Counting parking spaces can be boring. You can add parking elements to your street design (parallel, 30, 45, 60 or 90-degrees) and this tool will automatically estimate the total number of spaces for a given length of street.

Streetscape can also be used to keep track of the number of entrances and units, parking spaces per unit, and the overall height-width ratio of the street.


Street designs can be saved as an ‘SSP’ (Streetscape Pro) file and imported into CityCAD to be applied to streets in a 3D model.

You can also export images for use in presentations or other material.

Lastly, you can switch on animation and see cycles, cars and buses moving along the street.


Contact us to discuss your requirements if you are interested in a customized version of Streetscape.

We have developed many customized versions of our software and would be interested to help you achieve your modelling and analysis objectives.

Please note that Streetscape is only available as a desktop Windows app