Introducing CityCAD 3.1

CityCAD is a proven city information modelling solution for exploring, testing and communicating urban masterplans.

Unlike other CAD and GIS software, it was created for urban planners from the beginning, and makes it easy to create 3D models using tried and tested building types and urban typologies.

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Why CityCAD?

Site layout

CityCAD offers a quick and easy way of sketching urban masterplans in 3D. Junctions with simple kerb radii are automatically created where routes intersect. If you move roads, then adjacent urban blocks are automatically re-sized.

City analysis

CityCAD offers a range of sophisticated analysis features, giving you quantitative insights into your masterplan from the earliest conceptual design stages. You can create a custom library of land use types and apply these to building floors.


You can enter assumptions for electrical and other energy consumption, water use and refuse generation rates (per person, dwelling unit or unit of area) and total values are instantaneously calculated as you build and evolve your design.

CityCAD Workflow

1. Explore

Import base information such as DXF drawings or aerial photography, then sketch streets, spaces and buildings. Click to place objects such as local energy centres and bus stops.

2. Test

CityCAD will automatically and instantaneously analyze your model and estimate quantities such as GFA and units, allowing you to quickly test whether an idea meets your requirements.

3. Communicate

Use pre-set views to navigate through your 3D model and explain your design. You can also make changes in real time to answer 'What if?' questions and inform debate about options.

CityCAD Analysis


CityCAD offers unique liveability analysis capabilities. For example it can warn you if some dwellings in your masterplan are located above a specified distance threshold from green spaces, bus stops or other defined features.


Create your own library of street types and apply them to routes in your model. Also keep track of movement engineering information such as vehicle and cycle parking spaces, parking requirements and trip generation.


You can add assumptions on build costs, land costs, sale values and capitalized rental values, and see how your project's bottom line changes as you evolve the design. Arrange your plan into phases to understand cash flow over time.

CityCAD Applications


CityCAD has supported community engagement events including neighbourhood planning workshops and larger public events


CityCAD has been used by architects and local authorities to create information-rich models of proposed developments. Quantities can be easily extracted from these models to inform decisions.

Capacity studies

We have prepared capacity studies, options analysis and related reports for local authorities, developers and other organizations.

Carbon footprinting

CityCAD can estimate the carbon footprint of your masterplan if you enter assumptions for embodied carbon and rates for energy, resource and transport use.

CityCAD in education


CityCAD is used in many urban design and related engineering courses to teach design and explain the relationship between the form of cities and related quantities such as density

Eco Cities

CityCAD was used to produce a preliminary conceptual masterplan of an Eco City in Venezuela, as part of a programme to bring development to the south of the country.

How does CityCAD fit in with my existing tools?

When to use CityCAD?

CityCAD is generally used at the start of a project to test ideas and explore masterplan strategies.

It is not intended for use at the detailed scheme design and construction stages of a project.


  • Images such as maps, sketches, plans or aerial photography can be imported and placed on the ground – you can then ‘trace’ your masterplan over this
  • Route layouts and contextual features can be imported from DXF
  • Data can be imported from Excel or CSV and mapped to objects such as buildings in your model


  • Street centrelines and block outlines can be exported to DXF
  • The whole CityCAD model can be exported as a 2D or 3D DXF
  • A schedule of all buildings can be exported to Excel
  • Headline data can be exported to a simple Word report
  • Images of 3D views can be exported

How do I get CityCAD?


Download the CityCAD Setup file


Install CityCAD and start your 30-day free trial


To continue using after 30 days, visit our store and subscribe to a commercial licence or apply for a free non-commercial licence