Holistic City Software

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Opening CityCAD for the first time?

When you open CityCAD for the first time, the Welcome screen will appear.

CityCAD welcome screen

This allows you to choose your unit system, default location, ground plane colour and floor naming convention.

Make your selection (remember you can easily change these later from within the program) and click ‘OK’ to proceed.

Basic or standard layout?

You have two options:

  • Basic layout – a simplified toolbar layout
  • Standard layout – all tools visible

If this is the first time you are using CityCAD, and you haven’t used many CAD tools in the past, then you may prefer the simplified layout to start with.

Alternatively you may want to see all tools straight away. Remember you can switch between the two easily later if needed.

Moving around your city model

  • Hold down the mouse wheel button in the main 3D view, and drag the mouse to orbit around the view.
  • Hold down the control key, the hold down the mouse wheel button and drag the ground. This is a useful way of moving around your model.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out. The grid is dynamic and will change depending on how far out you are. (By default the black grid is a 10m grid, and the red grid is a 100m grid).

Drawing your first CityCAD block

  • Choose the Route Tool on the main toolbar (or type ‘R’ after clicking in the main display window). You can then start drawing streets in the main 3D display by left-clicking on the ground.
  • Click once at the start of a route, and again at the end.
  • If you draw streets which enclose an area on the ground, then Blocks are created. By default this will be a medium density housing block, but you can edit the blocks later.