CityCAD Tutorial

Click to open tutorial videos on our YouTube page (best viewed in HD):

  1. Getting started
  2. Drawing routes
  3. Drawing blocks and editing route networks
  4. Viewing your model data in the City Grid
  5. Environmental and liveability analysis tools
  6. Appraisal analysis tools
  7. Movement analysis tools
  8. Exporting information
  9. Advanced drawing
  10. Editing block properties
  11. Configuring CityCAD
  12. Importing DXF CAD models

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More tutorial videos are in production and will be released when ready. Archived (pre-2013) tutorials are available covering importing images into CityCAD, using the settings library and importing DXF CAD files and city items. If you have any questions on using CityCAD the meantime, please search our help articles or contact support.

Other external resources

You may also be interested in this detailed three-part introduction to CityCAD prepared by Todd Graham at the Metropolitan Council in Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA:

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