What's new in CityCAD 2.7


CityCAD 2.7 introduces several new drawing and editing features, including:

  • Offset tool for creating copies of routes at a specified offset from the original.
  • Fillet tool for extending routes and joining them at their intersection point.
  • Extension tool for extending routes to their intersection with an existing route.
  • Geometric constraints allowing you to draw routes at set angles from existing routes.
  • New snaps to the intersection with a line perpendicular to the line of drawing that intersects with selected nearby nodes.
CityCAD 2.7 also includes an upgraded embedded browser which will be extended over time to provide more information resources.

New features in CityCAD 2.6 include:

  • Mixed-use floors in buildings and perimeter blocks
  • Variable scope for custom parameters
  • New sample perimeter block settings
  • New street and object libraries

New features in CityCAD 2.5 include:

  • New online license management system making it easy to manage your CityCAD licences
  • New embedded help system - view all help articles directly from within CityCAD.
  • 'Basic mode' with simplified controls for learning CityCAD.
  • Extra car park land use options
  • Updated online database resources
  • Enhanced file library - you can now organize your sample files into folders
  • New 'Urban Resource' file type for quickly sharing elements such as blocks and custom land uses with others in your team.
  • New video tutorials with audio description uploaded to CityCAD YouTube page

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