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Exchanging information (15)
Importing and exporting information such as CAD files, data and images within CityCAD models.
Getting started (8)
Installation, activating and getting started with CityCAD
Task based help (33)
A series of articles on doing certain tasks in CityCAD
Technical information (8)
Technical information for IT and CAD managers and administrators
Tools (19)
CityCAD tools are used to create and modify elements in the main display window.
User interface (61)
Introducing the controls and panels used to create and edit city models
Getting Started
Getting Started with CityCAD 3.0
Click on a help topic below to view that article. What's new in CityCAD 2.7? Introduction...
CityCAD is a city information modelling tool which allows integrated, holistic modelling of urban...
What's new in CityCAD 2.7
{image} CityCAD 2.7 introduces several new drawing and editing features, including: Offset...
Frequently asked questions
Please see Troubleshooting if you have encountered any issues with CityCAD.