CityCAD Introduction Webinar


If you’d like to see a live webinar showing how our urban design software tool CityCAD can be used to explore and test design conceptual ideas for a development site, join us at 4pm (UK time) on Thursday 27th August. Register for the webinar here We’ve been working on ways to simplify the model-building process […]

Screenshot of Streetscape Pro showing a cross section of a street

Streetscape 2.0 released


Why Streetscape? Getting the streetscape right continues to be one of the biggest challenges in urban developments. We focus on buildings, but still pay too little attention to the spaces between buildings, including streets. In order to help with this problem, we released the first version of Streetscape back in 2005 as a quick and […]

New urban design database launched


If you are an urban designer, planner, engineer or architect, or if you’re just interested in cities, try our new urban design database: It’s a collection of over 3000 urban streets, public spaces, housing projects, street grids and junctions. The idea is to make it easy to find real-world examples of how designers dealt […]

CityCAD 2.8.4 released


We have released CityCAD 2.8.4. This is a maintenance release which resolves graphics hardware display issues experienced by some customers. Please visit to get the latest setup file. You can install this and your licence will be unaffected. In the next few weeks we will be releasing more details of CityCAD 3.0 which will […]

New CityCAD Online panel

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We have made some changes to the ‘CityCAD Online’ panel to make it quicker to search for help articles and other online resources. Just type what you are looking for – for example ‘Route Tool’ – and a list of help articles will appear below as you type. You can also type: The name of […]