Asset management

CityCAD offers a unique combination of spatial and numerical analysis.

If you are considering options for purchasing or developing a complex real estate project, CityCAD can help you quickly explore a range of scenarios and see how they perform functionally, environmentally and financially.

Basic viability analysis

You can enter assumptions for build costs, unit sale values or capitalized rental values, and then as your 3D model is created all numbers will be recalculated. So you can test design options – increasing density, adding extra floors to a building or changing the use of a building – and immediately see what the financial implications of this would be.


The real-time feedback offered by CityCAD means that it can help support complex negotiations and discussions with planning authorities over questions of affordability.

A set of assumptions on costs, values and profit can be agreed in advance, and a 3D model can then be used to explore different ideas. It can often suggest solutions that would have taken a long time to reach with a manual process.

Trigger point analysis

In large scale urban development, costs rarely increase consistently in proportion to revenues. When thresholds are reached such as a quantity of houses, or a projected number of vehicle trips, this can trigger expensive cost items such as utility infrastructure or road junction improvements.

CityCAD allows you to enter trigger point assumptions and it will warn you if changes to the masterplan will trigger a large cost. CityCAD can also help plan phasing so that larger costs are timed so as to optimize cash flow over the course of a project.


We have been working together with partner organizations on developing several new technologies for optimizing the management of large scale real estate portfolios over time. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration and to discuss further.