CityCAD 3.1.4 Release

Screenshot of the sample Barcelona block included in the CityCAD 3.1.4 release

The CityCAD 3.1.4 release is now available from If you have a CityCAD licence, please download and install this version.

This is a minor upgrade, and includes a mix of new features and fixes to bugs reported by users. Please continue to get in touch with if you encounter any problems.

Looking ahead, we would like to expand the analysis capabilities of CityCAD. Our development programme is guided by you and so please let us know if there are any features which would add value to your work.

CityCAD (64-bit) – Full release notes

  • In the CityCAD 3.1.4 release, the Online Library now supports ‘private’ libraries which you can access using your team login. We offer a service where we can create a custom library of urban design features. We can set these up so that you can access them from the city design assistant panel. For example, we can work with you to create a library of house types and set GFA, carbon, energy and cost values for each one. You can then place these easily on to site layouts to test ideas. To discuss your requirements please contact
  • We have added some more example blocks to the public library of urban design features. These include a typical block from the Barcelona extension which can be used to quickly test and compare ideas for large sites.
  • We have added shortcuts to the Block and Route settings managers in the Modify ribbon toolbar.
  • When exporting to DXF, streetscape elements (pavements, vehicle lanes, etc) will now have different face colours depending on their properties in CityCAD. Previously, these were all the same grey.
  • In the start window, double clicking on a file in the recent items list will now open the file.
  • We have fixed a bug with the transparency of hidden groups and phases. This occurred on some specific system configurations.
  • The DXF Base Map import feature now supports a wider range of geometries.
  • We have fixed a bug that occurred when importing specific DXF files.