New urban design database launched

Screenshot of the urban design database

If you are an urban designer, planner, engineer or architect, or if you’re just interested in cities, try our new urban design database:

It’s a collection of over 3000 urban streets, public spaces, housing projects, street grids and junctions.

The idea is to make it easy to find real-world examples of how designers dealt with a particular location, corridor width or size, to provide examples and inspiration for how a new place could be.

You can browse these easily on a map, or you can search for particular types with numerical criteria – for example you can type ‘Show me streets about 10m wide’, or ‘Show me housing next to a railway’ or ‘Show me public spaces in Italy about 1.2ha’ and it will give you a list. Then click on a feature to see details.

Screenshot of the urban design database.