CityCAD 3.0 Released

Ten years after CityCAD 2.0, we are pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 3.0.

If you are an existing subscriber, please download and update your version free of charge. If you have not used CityCAD before, this is a great time to download a 30-day free trial.

Screenshot of CityCAD 3.0
CityCAD 3.0 user interface showing a model of an extension to Letchworth Garden City

What’s new?

  • CityCAD is now a 64-bit application which should eliminate memory errors when working on large models. Please note if you already have CityCAD 2.8 installed, then 3.0 will be installed as a separate application.
  • CityCAD is now integrated with secure cloud storage, making it easier to share your model and collaborate with colleagues. You will need to log in using your HCL account to use this feature.
  • CityCAD includes a growing online library of components including housing types and urban objects which you can easily add to your masterplan models. You will need to log in using your HCL account to use this feature.
  • There is a new, higher performance user interface including a ribbon toolbar and new search features in the city grid.
  • You can now customize the labels shown in the 3D view – you can enter these manually or display values such as parking requirements.
  • In the CityCAD Online panel you can now search for locations and automatically set the geographic location of your model.
  • As with all new versions, we have made miscellaneous improvements to performance and stability.

New licences

We have made some changes to the subscriptions we offer for new users, although if you are an existing subscriber your subscription has not been changed.

We have also retained the free academic licence.

Changes include:

  • New Planning Team Package – this is specially designed for planning authorities in the UK who would like to take advantage of CityCAD but do not have time to learn the software in detail. The planning team package includes on-site assistance with installation, training and model setup, and several follow-up visits each year. This allows you to use CityCAD for site capacity studies, testing site-specific development policies, calculating quantities for environmental impact assessments and other tasks without having to invest significant time in training and modelling. Read more
  • Adjustments to number of users – our ‘standard flexible’ subscription is now called a ‘Team Subscription’, and we have expanded the number of concurrent users to 20. We have also introduced a new ‘Enterprise’ subscription which can be used by up to 50 concurrent users within the same organization. Read more

For full details please see our online store.

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