New CityCAD Online panel

We have made some changes to the ‘CityCAD Online’ panel to make it quicker to search for help articles and other online resources.

Just type what you are looking for – for example ‘Route Tool’ – and a list of help articles will appear below as you type.

You can also type:

  • The name of a city e.g. London. If it is in our database you can click a link to view examples of streets, urban spaces and housing projects.
  • The name of a street or urban space e.g. ‘Oxford Street’.
  • The architect of a housing project.

Results will appear below as you type. We have made a quick movie below to show how it works.

The new search is available in the ‘CityCAD Online’ panel on the left side when you open CityCAD, but you can also view it directly at

To download a free trial of CityCAD please go to

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