What is CityCAD?

CityCAD is a city information modelling solution for urban designers, planners and developers who want to explore, test and communicate options for large scale mixed-use urban masterplans.

Unlike conventional CAD and GIS software, CityCAD was created specifically for conceptual development modelling and makes it easy to create 3D models of cities using tried-and-tested street types and urban typologies.

Watch CityCAD in action below

Screenshot of CityCAD 3.0

How can CityCAD help me?

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Academic Use

CityCAD is in use by thousands of people for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional academic programmes around the world.

Commercial Use

Read about how CityCAD can be used to test site capacities, layouts and environmental impacts of new mixed-use urban masterplans.

Planning Team Use

CityCAD can help you quickly test ideas, assess the impacts and benefits of proposals, and develop policies for development sites.

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