New CityCAD Single-User Subscriptions

Limited time offer for sole practitioners and smaller firms

In response to feedback from the CityCAD community, for a limited time we are offering a new license type for commercial use. This is available to sole practitioners, and to designers based within smaller organizations (10 or fewer people).

How much does the single user subscription cost?

  • A monthly subscription is £49 + VAT / month ($79 / month)
  • An annual subscription is £499 + VAT / year ($799 / year)

For full details of how to order, please visit our online store

Why is CityCAD a valuable tool for smaller practices?

CityCAD can significantly increase the capacity of smaller city design and planning practices, as it allows you to sketch up a 3D design very quickly and then automatically generate all of the analysis. No more counting parking spaces or calculating residential densities - CityCAD will automatically estimate total unit numbers, densities, car parking and other data from your 3D model.

In this way, a single designer or very small team can produce high quality, tested, complex masterplan concepts which would otherwise take many hours of modelling, re-drawing and re-calculation to produce.

If you haven't used CityCAD before, online tutorial videos can help you learn the basics of the software in a couple of hours.

Price guarantee

We are offering these discounted licenses for a limited time, but will keep the offer open until at least the end of September 2014.

If you sign up before the offer ends, we guarantee that you will be able to keep the low subscription rate for at least three years if you keep the subscription going.

Signing up to a CityCAD license is also risk free as you can cancel any subscription within the first 14 days and receive a full refund.

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