City Item Libraries

What are city items?

City items are imported DXF CAD models which can be placed in your model.

You can assign data to these city items such as floor areas, land uses, energy use and custom parameters. This data is then accounted for alongside normal CityCAD blocks in your model.

Unlike normal CityCAD blocks, city items can include much more architectural detail. They are useful for adding context to a masterplan or importing buildings or blocks that have already been designed. A few models are included with CityCAD such as a bus stop, sports field and some urban buildings.

Creating city items

You may want to create your own library of buildings and other objects. For example, you can use Google Sketchup or other CAD applications to create a model, then export it to DXF, and then import it into CityCAD where you can add floor areas, land uses and other data.

We can create custom sets of city items for your project. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.